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Jan 21, 2011

Schmidt: 'Adult supervision' at Google no longer needed

Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO of Google. This makes the chief executive announced on the blog of the company. The new CEO is from April this year, co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt remains attached to the search engine company as CEO.Page, after ten years meegekeken to have 'ready to lead, "Schmidt writes in the company blog of Google. Schmidt is executive chairman "and will include among others engage in outside deals, and Sergey Brin, founder of Google along with Page, the title of 'co-founder will carry on and to target new products.Schmidt will remain CEO until April. The reason for leaving is that now all decisions by chmidt, Page and Brin are taken. That structure is no longer effective, according to Schmidt, Google now has risen.
Schmidt was recruited in 2001 as CEO of the search engine company for the flotation procedure. Brin and Page actually hoping that Apple CEO Steve Jobs wanted to be a leader, but that proved unfeasible. Brin and Page ultimately chose Eric Schmidt, partly because the festival attended Burning Man, a hippie-like festival in the Nevada desert.

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