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Jan 6, 2011

Windows 8 (Midori)

Well you might have heard about this latest innovation in operating system from Microsoft Corporation, which is named as window 8, it is a purely latest window which is mostly installed in upcoming laptops or heavy computer systems. Window 8 has been given two names apparently; one is windows Midori while the other name is windows Chidori. These two names are among the rumors associated with window 8 apart from several other rumors. The first codename was window Midori and window Chidori codename comes up later, it can be proved if you conduct web search you get thousands of results with window Midori keyword but the results for window Chidori keyword would be quiet lesser in number.
This latest innovation of operating system of Microsoft Corporation with the window name Midori and Chidori does not holds any literal meaning in fact if you conduct dictionary search for these words, it would give you zero results. Thus it shows that you do not have any meaning of the two words window Midori and window Chidori. Well it depends upon you that which name of operating system of Microsoft Corporation you prefer to use, as there are two codenames window Midori and window Chidori, it does not hold any meaning thus totally depends on you that what you like. Well talking about my opinion, I like Midori as it sounds bit sexy and perfidious (without any literal meaning). If I talk about Chidori it sounds bad, wild thus I do not like to pronounce it.
Now I tell you about the super features of this new technology efforts window first of all about the accuracy of the window is that it gives you the perfect out put of that thing which you gives input and after computation it gives you accurate answer in some old windows the accuracy is not so good that is why these Midori window was introduced and was much installed in lap tops because the personal computers are not capable for this window.
More over the plug and play system which was introduced by the previous old window XP that you do not need to install the drivers of any hardware in window XP there are some hardware which can not run before you install drivers from any Compact disk or from any online drivers’ engine. But in this new midori window the plug and play system is perfect as unlimited soft wares are stored in this window so you do not need to worry when ever you want to attach any new hard ware you have to feel free about the drivers.
Now last but not the least this window midori provides you the latest window media player through you can listen song in such amazing voice quality that you will really enjoy that music. More over the graphics introduced in this window you have never ever experience them any where else. That is hwy the VGA of the laptop should be 3d or more the 64mb so that you can easily install that put standing window midori in your computer or laptop.


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