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Jan 6, 2011

4G Technology

The technology is working day and night for the sake of making new and new thing which make life easier as in this piece of article we are going through the information about the 4g technology. The technology of 4g is introduced by the apple company whose managing director name Steve job is working for the sake of luxurious internet uses items. The 4g technology was newly introduced in market and was much expensive but beside its expenses it has unlimited which you did not have faced and seen in your life that a simple pocket piece can provide you unlimited features first of all we will figure out the different features of the 4g technology.
The main thing about the 4g technology is that you can judge by the name that this 4g technology is basically use as the mobile phones which provides you to make calls and send messages to any where by using any connection. These 4g technology can provides you the perfect sound quality and the battery time, more over you can make unlimited call stand by on it as some of phones provide only one hour talk time the call was disconnected. How ever you ca install window your 4g technology and can use it as your personal computer the portability of that 4g technology is superb that you can keep that in your pocket.
The 4g technology provides you the perfect internet facility as main browsers are already installed in it and you do not have o work more for that. The main icon are built by the name of face book and YouTube as these are one of the most commercial and social websites which are used by the people in the daily routine. More over you can install the Skype or there messengers to chat with some one else. By using Skype you can make calls free of cost it just charge the internet connection. And the voice is similar as you are making call by the GSM connection.
The Wi-Fi is the system which was newly introduced by the companies. First of all the Wi-Fi system was found in laptop. Now I will tell you the use of Wi-Fi as there are some of the internet connection companies which provides you the wire less connection and the routers along with the kit of internet connection through that when ever you search for the signal of Wi-Fi you have the option to connect through this specific connection that is the way to use internet through Wi-Fi and free internet also provides you free calls through different chat messengers.
Now some of the discussion about the price of that 4g technology so you must be thinking that it is much expensive so you are now completely wrong because 4g technology as much expensive but as the 3g phones were introduce with high price and after some time there prices decreases same is the case with 4g technology after some time the price 4g technology also decrease so the people who did not afford it now can buy these 4g technology after it get low cost.

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