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Jan 15, 2011


The telecom service providers have always followed a growth pattern in the past decade through increase in customer base as well as adding large numbers to their annual revenue. They have maintained rapidity with  e competitors and have played the game with astounding success in the past. But today, they are confronted with a colossal challenge of adaptation to the full-fledged highly penetrated markets united with global sionary effect. Therefore, to adapt to this current situation it is highly recommends to lay special emphasis on ustomer services to attain a higher retention ratio.In the modern day telecom industry which has attained high  spersion level, convincing a customer towards r service is getting costlier. Industrial study states that only 25% of the acquired customers stay with the mpany after a year's time and on an averagely only 20 -30% of the ntire customer base is revenue earning, rofitable customers. Therefore, the major challenge for the telecom  perators around the world is managing customer satisfaction. It affects profitability of the company if  customer shifts before the company can earn back the investment it incurred on acquiring the customer. Many companies offer special promotional offerings, special discounts, online services which provide a ariety of services to its customers as a process to satisfy and retain its customers. Usually companies provide the customer with a host of activities or benefits that can be used as per requirement by the customer like:

• Bill viewing and online payment

• Online register of a complaint for support

• Altering price plan and subscriptions

• Viewing the product catalogue and selling products or services online

In addition to these activities, the operators also offer promotional services and other related products on the net.To provide the customers with the required satisfaction level, the employee must incorporate all the  isting channels so that when a customer arrives at a retail outlet, the customer service representative should be able to retrieve the past interactions of the customer and serve him or her in the light of previous experience with the customers.

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