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Nov 26, 2010

Designing low-power networks

The problem of designing "slabotochki" should be approached with understanding of its special importance, because the low-voltage systems will operate without problems only if well-designed project of installation. Ask for help is a professional design engineers. The project should be conceived not only in terms of literacy to accommodate objects of different sites (low-current flap, sockets, switches and so on.) Wire harnesses on the risers, but in accordance with established norms and standards, which are governed by SNIP 083-98.

Total regulatory documentation to be followed is as follows: GOST 21.101-97 "Basic requirements for design and documentation; RD 78.36.002-99" Technical means of security objects. Graphical symbols of system elements; SEP 7, "Electrical Code"; RD 78.145-93 "systems and systems security, fire and burglar alarms. Rules of production and acceptance of work; SNIP 3.05.06-85 "Building Regulations. Electrical devices; NPB 105-03 "Determination of categories of rooms, buildings and outdoor facilities for the explosion and fire hazard."
Of course, do not forget about the designer design room, where all the attributes of low-voltage systems must seamlessly fit.

To compile the project engineer to the Terms of Reference, which reflected the following aspects: the technical conditions for connection, the plan of the building design project facilities, the plan adjacent protected areas. Also need to pre-departure of the expert on the subject.

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