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Nov 26, 2010

Composition of low-voltage systems

Structured cabling systems greatly simplify and optimize the management of various cable systems, since the installation of SCS allows you to combine them into a single information space. SCS include information, telephone, security and fire protection and so on. network, various switchgears, cables, control panels, necessary equipment, etc.
Design by SCS at the stage of construction. This requirement will create a literate project distribution of communications and connectivity for all cable systems to a single hardware node - the control center structured cabling system.
Local-area networks provide the following: resource sharing networks (modems, printers, files, and so on.) Reserve funds and storage of different information, the ability to quickly access the necessary information in the network information is protected from hacking, to work with modern means of enhancing the effectiveness of working process (electronic document management system, receiving and sending faxes, online databases, uninterrupted Internet access).

Automatic telephone stations are used to create a rapid and reliable telephone communications between departments and offices of the company. On the design and installation of ATS should also be approached intelligently. You must select a telephone station, to carry out programming and configuration of equipment and trained personnel to use the telephone station.

The system-clockwise and radio include: basic elements - the master clock and the secondary clock (interior, street, etc.); tuner - radio receiver, the receiver wire broadcasting, switching (jumper) equipment, aerial devices, line equipment.
This system provides indexing lap, Moscow and Greenwich Time; indication of the number, day of week, month and year, the alarm went off at the scheduled time, input signals a single time in a synchronized hardware. System indexes the level of background radiation.
World total time is measured ultra-precise atomic clocks that transmit signals to a satellite global positioning system (GPS), where the radio signal is received which were in connection with the master clock. Master clock, in turn, combined with the secondary clock (digital, switch, etc.), making the whole system shows the exact time.
Thus, low-voltage systems are designed to satisfy the most diverse aspects of modern life. Thanks slabotochke, our lives become more convenient, comfortable and safe. Home and office we are doing chores, relax and socialize, do not hesitate to organize the points needed to optimize the residential and commercial spheres of human activity. Modern equipment running smoothly, thanks to low-voltage systems, controls the situation in the home or office. And all that is required of us - is to learn to use new, accessible to every opportunity for his own benefit.

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