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Feb 4, 2011


After being shunned by many other financial institutions such as Bank of America, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, Apple too has cut off Wiki Leaks from its iPhone apps store just after 3 days of introducing.It is defined as an action bonded to law stating that all Apps must comply with local laws and that it will not put any person or group in harms way.
Although it has not been defined whether leaking information is putting a person in harms way or violating a law, as described by the company, owever the officials are not going to utter a word on this matter, but this data is accessible through a dedicated group of iphone hack developers who offer unapproved wiki leaks package for ‘Jail Broken’ devices, that provides access to the controversial website content.

The price paid by iphone users for wiki leaks app was $1.99 which enabled them to receive updates on the latest postings on the wiki leaks site. The app was put up for sale from Dec 17 and was cut off on Monday just three days later.
The sites that have previously abandoned wiki leaks have also faced the wrath of Wiki Leaks fans especially Master Card and Visa whose sites were temporarily shut down by wiki leaks supporting hackers. It is unlikely that Apple will become a target to such cyber threats but the banishing of Wiki Leaks from the apps store rue has angered many because any one who distances from Wiki Leaks can become a possible prey to cyber rimes.
Although Apple has cut off Wiki Leaks app, Google Inc, the second largest online mobile app store, have six apps available that can be used to access the confidential US documents released on Wiki Leaks.  It is ougher to approach the iphone compared to Android basically be cause of the different approach there are to it no wonder you can access Wiki Leaks sites using some Android programs. There is also an Android program that sends regular alerts whenever any new information is posted on the Wiki Leaks site.

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