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Feb 17, 2011


Radio frequency identification (RFID) - a method for automatic identification of objects, which with the help of a radio signal is read from or writes data stored in the RFID-tags. Job RFID-system is built on interaction reader (the reader, reader) and RFID-tags (transponders). Most of the RFID-tag consists of an integrated circuit (for storing and processing information, converting the RF signal) and antenna (for receiving and transmitting the signal). Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of the most promising and anticipated technologies, since it provides an opportunity to improve key processes associated with the production and delivery of goods: tracking product promotion, to meet customer requirements more effectively carry out acceptance and shipment of goods.
RFID can be used in any area where you want to record any events. For example, in applications such as: access control, monitoring and time tracking, vehicle identification, factory automation, control the flow of goods movement and transportation, warehousing automation, identification in laundries, textile companies, asset tracking, control of material production stocks and so on.

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